personal, individualized coaching

I provide customized training plans based on your current training status, customized specifically for you.

Hi, I’m Lesley

World-class Triathlete,

Fitness Trainer and Personal Coach

I offer personalized coaching in an approachable manner that’s structured and keeps you healthy & motivated. I pride myself on establishing real relationships with my athletes in order to best coach them!

What's your why?

Lesley is passionate about improving your endurance performance, but also ensuring that you leave a stronger, more confident athlete than before.


If your why is powerful enough it will take care of the how.


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Whether it's personal coaching, swim technique training, or simply getting started I am here to help. Come join the fun of triathlon and let me help you achieve your goals!


Phone 901-219-3998

Venmo @Lesley-Brainard 


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