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Coaching Plans

I offer a few different coaching options. I truly care about your needs and want to make sure you receive the best service so if you have questions regarding which of my coaching services would be best for you, please feel free to email or call. I would be happy to spend some time helping you to determine the best coaching option for your particular athletic goals! 


Private Swim or Triathlon Training

Schilling Farms YMCA - Collierville

One-on-one, customized coaching

  • 1 hour Session:  $60 each

  • 5-Session Package:  ($275) / $55 each 

  • 10-Session Package: ($525) / $52.50 each 

Nonmember Rates:

  • Single Session:  $75 each

  • 5-Session Package:  ($335) / $67 each

  • 10-Session Package: ($645) / $64.50 each

Personalized Tri Training Programs

Training programs and coaching support designed to take your performance to the next level. $200/month includes:

  • Initial consultation (included in plan cost) to assess current fitness and establish goals

  • Personalized training plans

  • Monthly review and consultation

  • Performance feedback and motivational support

  • Email, phone and text access to Lesley

Group Training

Cost-effective, small-group coaching where you can train with your friends in a supportive environment and meet your goals together.

Price will vary based on group size.

Plan Only / Single Sport Training Programs

Training plans, structured for your specific race(s), with limited coaching interaction. 

$150 / month (minimum of 2 months) includes:

  • Initial consultation to assess current fitness and establish goals.

  • Personalized training plan

Contact me today to see how I can help create a customized coaching plan for you!

Why Trinity Triathlon Coaching?

Suitable for Beginners



Proven Results

Advanced Techniques

Flexible Schedule

World-class Triathlete

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